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Pointer Navigation App

Where do you go? That way? Why are you using such a cumbersome navigation app to get there? You think that’s the simplest and navigation and it can’t be more streamlined? Well, it can! We reduced navigation to the core: direction and distance. Sounds obvious, right? Go give it a try. We created it as the simplest navigation possible, to be worn on a wrist. Supporting the Apple Watch Series 5 compass, it’s the most amazing little navigator you can think of. Ideal for hiking or any cross-country adventure. And if you don’t own a shiny new Apple Watch, the app supports the iPhone screen as well – of course. We can’t wait to explore new areas with this all-you-need navigation system. Oh, did we mention it works offline as well?


Freelendar App

Because scrolling through your calendar over and over again to find the next free slots is tedious and repetitive. This free time calendar solves this by listing only upcoming free evenings to provide you with an availability overview. To do so, Feelendar scans your already existing iOS calendars for events and curates a list of free evening dates. It’s that simple, no configuration needed. The scanning of your calendars is privacy friendly done on your devices; no data will leave this app. This way, Freelendar is an incredibly simple tool to help you make evening appointments. Instead of checking all the days in the upcoming weeks a simple glance is enough.



Armaturenbrett is a beautiful full responsive uncompromising Dashboard for your metrics that matter. This dashboard is developed with performance and minimalism in mind. It has a minimal set of dependencies – no relational database needed, only a Redis. Yet it is fully featured with WebSocket technology for real-time streaming your data into the UI.

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Die Offene Gesellschaft

In a post-fact era and after the rise of populists, Berlin's agency Lucid together with 3antworten launches a platform to "Make democracy great again". The goal is to onboard as many users as possible and spread their statements and beliefs in order to establish an exchange of political opinions. To escape filter bubbles the platform makes it easy to participate offline by organizing miscelaneous events like debates. 3antworten deeply believe in diversity, equality and freedom, therefore this platform is developed as OpenSource Software gaining as many contributors as possible.

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Here I Stand - Luther Exhibition

For the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 propositions 3antworten again teamed up with the amazing graphic artists and designers of Berlin's prestigious Golden Section Graphics to present a whole new kind of history content and museum presentation. The international platform 3antworten deployed serves all the key facts of Martin Luther's life, using detailed web animations and all the modern content forms imaginable - supporting all the platforms out there. View 3D scans of Luther's assets, order them 3D printed and be guided through seven chapters of modern story telling (comics, animations and lovely detailed graphics). 3antworten always care about global performance and serve all this by an international distributed server architecture.

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DALPHI - DALPHI Active Learning Platform for Human Interaction is developed by 3antworten in cooperation with Implisense, Berlin's leading Business Intelligence Start-Up. DALPHI makes it easy and productive again to connect Machine Learning services and annotate given data for them. 3antworten love OpenSource Software, that's why this application is fully open for all data scientists out there.

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Golden Section Graphics GmbH, a Berlin based agency leading the European infographics business, teamed up with 3antworten to develop a multilingual, educating and easy to use spot on the internet to teach about the science and power of light: The field of Photonics. The resulting microsite boosts the release of their Photonics book by accessing 50 of the book's infographics. 3antworten always love to make sensible use of cutting edge technology, so this project was a perfect match - in terms of state of the art science and content.


WirtschaftsWoche Guide

For BuckNovak CP PR GmbH commissioned by WirtschaftsWoche, 3antworten have built a highly individual customer relationship management system. It provides an advanced mailing component to communicate quickly with BuckNovak's clients allowing them to update their data very easily and saving a lot of paperwork on both sides. Therefore 3antworten have implemented both a role-based and a token-based login system to maximize the user experience. 3antworten care about homogeneity and reimplemented BuckNovak's website CI seamlessly to maximize the customer's trust through consistency.

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Liquidsquare is an order management tool for restaurateurs to communicate with their wholesalers. 3antworten bootstrapped the prototype for the minimum viable product which is now developed by Liquidsquare UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The architecture of the product is fully distributed and scale-out ready. State-of-the-art caching technologies are being used providing the best possible user experience. Because 3antworten always foreground the usability of their applications, UX-experts were engaged to work hand in hand with us for the Liquidsquare product.

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Booklapp is a web application developed by 3antworten. The app allows designing a tablet app with content coming from PDF files. These files can even be designed for prepress. The corresponding App Store-ready apps are built by Booklapp and can easily be deployed over the air. 3antworten always care about user-friendliness, even for the ones with little tech know-how! 3antworten delivered this application pre-installed on tested hardware.

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